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Sustainable Farming Practices: How Pain Mitigation Fits into the Bigger Picture

As our industry navigates challenges in its interaction with society, pain mitigation emerges as a relatively straightforward aspect. Embracing sustainable farming practices, including pain mitigation techniques, propels us toward a more responsible and ethical agricultural landscape.

Common Painful Procedures in Livestock Farming: Identifying Areas for Improvement

As passionate industry members it is our collective responsibility to ensure our farmers are adequately informed and trained. The provision of correct and transparent education, learning platforms and extension activities will move us consistently forward in the right direction, one step at a time.
29 January 2024

The Science Behind Livestock Pain: How It Affects Health and Productivity

Addressing livestock pain is not only a matter of ethical responsibility but also an essential component of ensuring optimal productivity in agricultural operations.
18 January 2024

Market Research Unveils Nuances in Livestock Pain Relief Adoption and Animal Welfare Platforms

In 2022 as part of the Better Choices® relaunch, the team conducted a market research initiative with Australian livestock producers. As animal welfare becomes the market expectation, our survey aimed to comprehend the prevalent practices employed by producers, the landscape of pain relief adoption, and the root causes for non-adoption. The findings from this research are being employed to inform the re-development of the Better Choices® program, designed to implement strategies and infrastructure and serve as a fundamental element in advancing livestock welfare, through pain mitigation.
13 December 2023

The Price of Pain Relief in Farm Animals: An Investment in Welfare

In the vast landscape of livestock production, the issue of pain relief for essential husbandry procedures in farm animals is one that demands our attention. It's a conversation that challenges us to reconsider the true cost of ensuring the well-being of the animals that sustain our agricultural endeavours. Let's discuss the value we place on ensuring the highest standards of welfare in farm animals.