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  • It's a guarantee to potential wool buyers that you are committed to animal welfare and your operation. The more people that join, the buyers will know that we are all committed to ensuring that the wool that they purchase, that the livestock has been looked after as well as possible.
    Anon. Better Choices Member NSW
  • There is potential for economic benefit as well as the underlying animal welfare goal. Wool buyers and supply chain require traceability and require that you are part of an integrity scheme showing better practice. It definitely shows consumers that we are trying to do more as growers.
    Matthew Better Choices Member VIC
  • A very easy to use and simple program, why wouldn’t you join?
    Graeme Better Choices Member QLD
  • It's something you can be involved in and it's of no cost showing that you're doing the right thing by animal health, and shows the industry that we care about our livestock.
    Kevin Better Choices Member NSW
  • It shows evidence that the industry is trying to be responsible as far as caring for animals and transparent with what they are doing.
    Margaret Better Choices Member Victoria
  • I suppose I would say because animal welfare is such a growing issue being a member of Better Choices demonstrates that I’m trying to do the right thing. Value in making me more money or value as in giving you that social license.
    Chris Better Choices Member WA