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Veterinarians and Animal Health Professionals

As a vet or animal health professional working in the livestock industry, you play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being of animals.

Pain relief is an essential aspect of livestock management, and it is our responsibility to ensure that animals receive appropriate pain relief when needed. We need your expert input and support to make this happen.

Why we need you

You are the linchpins of the livestock industry, serving as experts in animal health and well-being. And most importantly you are the marketers, or prescribers and users of pain relief.

Your scientific knowledge and experience working with livestock under commercial conditions are invaluable to us. We need scientific-backed information on pain relief that we can share with farmers.

With your help, we can get the message out that all animals should be given multimodal pain relief, and this should be a priority for livestock management.

What we need from you

Your support that pain mitigation is vital to the welfare of livestock and that no single product can do it all. We need to work together to create the optimal protocol for each farm or enterprises needs.

As compliance and traceability becomes more important every day, we need you to encourage your farmers and producers to adopt multi-modal pain relief, and declare their commitment by becoming members. 

In addition, we need more training resources on pain relief and painful procedures. We would like your input to develop these resources. Your expertise and experience in the field of animal health or product development is crucial to us.

What you get – Why you need us

By working together, we can ensure that all livestock is managed with the utmost care and attention to their well-being. We produce resources that you can use with your clients to improve your service, potentially earning you more income for them and you.

We want you to feel proud, trusted, and recognised for the work you do. By joining our organisation and collaborating with us, you can help us to challenge and change old livestock management practices, implement steps to do our best by our farm and livestock, and ultimately, achieve loyalty and a sense of achievement.


We are building out some unique training resources that you will be able to use with your clients. There is a strong focus on applied training - how to do the procedures and use pain relief.

Whether onboarding new staff (internal compliance), accreditation programs, or regulatory compliance, all your clients need to comply with something. We are building tools that make it easier to show you have done the right thing.
A key focus is finding ways to get recognition (and value) for those doing the right thing. This may be with the Australian Veterinary Association or with external schemes. But we will find ways to get membership commitments recognised.
New Revenue Streams
We are entrepreneurs and want to find value in our programs. This means solving pain points for our members and finding ways to generate value from our activities.
Innovation Support
If you are working on an innovation that mitigates pain or provides improved pain relief for a specific procedure then we want to help you.

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