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Better Choices is committed to supporting the livestock production industry by improving welfare outcomes through pain mitigation.

In a 2023 study of Australian consumers:

When asked which groups they believe are responsible and held accountable for improving the welfare of farm animals:

82 %


65 %

agricultural commodity producers

42 %

Wholesale / Distributors

43 %


82% of surveyees responded that farmers have the greatest responsibility in improving farm animal welfare in Australia.

65% of surveyees responded that agricultural commodity producers have responsibility.

42% of surveyees responded that wholesale/distributors are responsible for improving farm animal welfare in Australia.

43% of surveyees responded that retailers are responsible for improving farm animal welfare in Australia.

Australian consumers are also conscious of how they shop and understand the ethical implications of their product choices.

86 %

86% agreeing that choosing animal welfare certified products is one way to do their part in promoting ethical animal farming practices.

80 %

80% believing that by choosing to buy animal welfare certified products, they can help ensure that animals are treated with respect and compassion

75 %

75% saying that in addition to supporting animal welfare, buying animal welfare certified products also helps support a more sustainable food system

74 %
74% even though knowing that animal welfare certified products may cost a bit more, believing this investment is well worth it
70 %
70% saying that they will not purchase or purchase less from brands with poor reputation for animal welfare.
73 %
73% believing that certified producers adhere to strict standards for producing high-quality, sustainable food

It's clear - we have work to do!

Better Choices invites all stakeholders in the livestock supply chain to join our community, endorse our objectives, and be a part of a compassionate future for our industry.

Our Mission

To empower farmers and the wider industry to prioritise pain mitigation, through sustainable procedural elimination or the use of pain relief products for painful husbandry procedures, ensuring that no animal undergoing essential on-farm procedures will suffer unnecessary pain.

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