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Wool brokers

As a wool broker, you have a unique position of influence within the industry. Pain relief in mulesing has seen high rates of adoption, largely thanks to the efforts of wool brokers. However, there is still much work to be done.

Why we need you

We need you to support the growth of the community and to build membership. Wool brokers were the key agents for the initial adoption of Better Choices from 2008 and for the adoption of pain relief in mulesing.

The adoption of pain relief during tailing and castration is still not widespread, which means that claims of 'pain-free' sheep are not entirely accurate.

This is where we need your help. By supporting the growth of the community and building membership, we can increase the recognition and implementation of pain relief and pain mitigation.

This will not only improve animal welfare but also unlock significant premiums for non-mulesed sheep and those receiving pain relief.

What we need from you

We understand that your needs and those of your growers may vary. That's why we need your feedback on what information is useful to you and what sort of support we can provide.

Whether it's information on where to get pain relief products, their costs, or how to apply them, we want to help you promote positive change within the industry.

By integrating into the Wool Traceability Hub and sharing the credentials of farmers, we can work together to challenge and change old livestock management processes.

Let's make sure that future generations of producers feel proud, trusted, recognised, and loyal to doing their best by their farm and livestock.

What we can give you

Branding and recognition

The Better Choices wool brand is still active and has been reclassified to cover all “pain mitigation”. Which means that it can also be used for non-mulesed sheep that have received pain relief for castration and tailing.


We are building out some unique training resources that you will be able to use with your clients. There is a strong focus on applied training - how to do the procedures and use pain relief.

Whether onboarding new staff (internal compliance), accreditation programs, or regulatory compliance, all your clients need to comply with something. We are building tools that make it easier to show you have done the right thing.
A key focus is finding ways to get recognition (and value) for those doing the right thing. This may be with the Australian Veterinary Association or with external schemes. But we will find ways to get membership commitments recognised.
New Revenue Streams
We are entrepreneurs and want to find value in our programs. This means solving pain points for our members and finding ways to generate value from our activities.
Innovation Support
If you are working on an innovation that mitigates pain or provides improved pain relief for a specific procedure then we want to help you.

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