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We're running this program because your customers are asking for it.

They're not necessarily avoiding animal-based products altogether, but they're looking for guidance on which ones to choose. It's nothing new for those in the retail industry; you've witnessed the changes happening in your stores. So, how can we collaborate with you in this next phase of evolution?

Why we need you

The reason we need your support is pretty simple. Like everyone else in this field, we rely on you more than you rely on us. After all, it doesn't matter what farmers do if customers can't hold them accountable for their practices. Moreover, we can encourage farmers to change their behavior by offering better compensation.

What we need from you

What we're looking for from you is a partnership to share our community's story. Let's get that message out there, and we'd greatly appreciate your assistance in taking ownership of this narrative. For retailers committed to sustainability and animal welfare, it's a straightforward way to enhance your credentials.

Partner With Us