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Processors and Distributors

As processors, you are the connectors between what happens to livestock and how it is sold to global customers.

However, the challenge is how to help farmers share their commitment to pain mitigation with consumers, and how to support your ability to communicate your product needs back to farmers.

Why we need you

Procedures or practices that result in improved pain mitigation or the use of pain relief come at a cost. It can increase procedure time, require financial investment in pain relief products, or impact the genetics of livestock. However, we all need to find a way to convert that cost into value.

Your decisions and practices have a profound impact on the quality of meat and milk products that reach global customers. Pain-free milk or meat is not just a product, it is a reflection of the whole supply chains commitment to animal welfare.

You are the decision makers for what is actually produced and what can be marketed. We need you to encourage producers to use pain relief, differentiate this on your shelves and achieve greater value for the product.

What we need from you

We're curious to hear about your needs and how we can lend a hand in reaching your governance and sustainability goals. These days, many of you are feeling the nudge from customers to go the sustainable route. So, how can we assist you in sharing this commitment with your customers?

Also, what kind of support would you like from the larger farming community to make those needs a reality? Let's work together to drive real change in farming practices and ensure our reporting matches the actions on the ground. This way, you'll have a solid way to back up your claims when questioned.

How Better Choices can help you


We are building out some unique training resources that you will be able to use with your clients. There is a strong focus on applied training - how to do the procedures and use pain relief.

Whether onboarding new staff (internal compliance), accreditation programs, or regulatory compliance, all your clients need to comply with something. We are building tools that make it easier to show you have done the right thing.
A key focus is finding ways to get recognition (and value) for those doing the right thing. This may be with the Australian Veterinary Association or with external schemes. But we will find ways to get membership commitments recognised.
New Revenue Streams
We are entrepreneurs and want to find value in our programs. This means solving pain points for our members and finding ways to generate value from our activities.
Innovation Support
If you are working on an innovation that mitigates pain or provides improved pain relief for a specific procedure then we want to help you.

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