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Why Join Us

We provide farmers, producers and industry members with the right support to understand, implement and achieve the highest standards of animal welfare through pain mitigation.

  • 80% of Australians think that more should be done to improve the welfare and protection of farm animals from pain.
  • 84% think that farm animals should receive pain relief.
  • 81% would feel reassured to know that the animal-derived produce they purchase is traceable, demonstrates ethical production and meets the highest standards of animal welfare.

Better Choices has supported the wool industry since 2008, training and recognising Australian woolgrowers making the transition to pain mitigation, with over 92% of lambs now receiving pain relief at marking. This is a tremendous achievement by the wool grower community.

The NEW Better Choices program is now committed to providing support to the cattle and swine industries,  assisting with their goals for pain mitigation.

With the beef industry aiming for 100% use of effective pain relief by 2030 for invasive husbandry practices and currently 35% of Australian cattle producers regularly using pain relief, there no better time to get involved. 

Because if not now, then when?

Why join Better Choices?

  • Better for you, your animals, and our industry

  • Free to Join

  • Easy to sign up

When you sign up to become a Better Choices Member, you demonstrate your commitment towards pain mitigation for your livestock.

Together, our commitment ensures social license to operate and contributes to a more sustainable future for our industry.