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Government Agencies and Regulatory Organisations

If you are in a representative role, then you know better than us how important it is to demonstrate value and impact.

We want to work with you, for you. At Better Choices our only objective is to have all livestock in Australia either receive pain relief or have pain mitigated. We believe that this is a simple and achievable vision, but we cannot accomplish it alone. We need organisations like you to support us in our mission.

Why we need you

As gatekeepers of your respective industries, you have the resources, remit, and influence to make a significant impact. You manage compliance programs, integrity systems, and are guardians of standards, codes of practice, and best practices. You have the ability to educate farmers and other stakeholders, conduct research and innovation, and even lobby the government.

We do not seek to duplicate your efforts but rather work collaboratively with you. 

What we need from you

We are open to your endorsement or support, even if it is just recognition that what we are doing is worthwhile and aligned with industry priorities.

We also welcome financial or project support, as we are developing various initiatives that would benefit from your collaboration.

Additionally, we want to integrate our education programs with your existing extension programs and even co-invest in them if needed.

Lastly, we would love to have a seat at the table to understand how integrity systems, innovation, traceability hubs, livestock assurance programs, and market access discussions are progressing, so we can offer our support and integrate our efforts.

Together, we can make a positive impact on the welfare of livestock in Australia.

What we can give you

We are laser focused on pain.

We want to help you succeed, and we believe that by concentrating our efforts, we can make a real difference. We understand that there has been too much duplication and lack of action in this space, and we are here to change that.

Speed and Risk Appetite

We have governance and will report transparently on everything we do, success or failure. But our organisation structure and entrepreneurial roots mean that we can be more risk tolerant than conventional structures. We can do the painful work for you (intended pun), and we can move as fast as a startup.

Branding and recognition

The Better Choices wool brand is still active and has been reclassified to cover all “pain mitigation”. We have also been in discussion with the Australian Veterinary Association and would love to work to be recognised by LPA, APIQ, or any other accreditation program.


We are building out some unique training resources that you will be able to use with your clients. There is a strong focus on applied training - how to do the procedures and use pain relief. We want to work with you on these.


Be it for onboarding new staff (internal compliance), accreditation programs, or regulatory compliance, all your clients need to comply with something. We are building tools that make it easier to show you have done the right thing.

Innovation Support

If you are working on an innovation that mitigates pain or provides improved pain relief for a specific procedure then we want to help you. How can we help to commercialise your innovations for wider adoption?

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